How sad are you that DWTS and AI are over now? What will be my gripping TV show? Office reruns are always good. Maybe I can focus on the kids more or something?

Sad Joey didn't win DWTS, but also happy for Appolo if that makes sense.

Whatever Green Day just sang on the AI finale was depressing.

Also, Gwen Stefani looked old. Maybe its the kid she has at home. Lord knows they rob you of sleep, but I kinda figured Gwen and Gav could afford a nanny for little Kingston.

The yellow chicken woman was a painful to watch.

Also, how funny is it that they adopted a Bush Baby for that guy. I feel kind of bad for him.

Blake and Doug E. Fresh were great. I just love that little Blake. He is so talented. You know he was just like this guy living in a Seattle suburb and he probably entertained his little group of friends or maybe just whatever peeps were hanging out where ever he was on Saturday nights doing his beatboxing. Kind of a novelty. Now he is all up in America. How cute is it that his Dad only owns Hawaiian shirts? The man didn't even feel the need to buy a suit for the AI finale. He is his own man. I respect that.

Carrie Underwood is perfect. Do you think she might be a robot?

Watching Taylor on TV is weird. Do you think he and Ruben caught the same flight from the 'ham to LA?

Speaking of Taylor...Hey Jam... did anyone tell you you looked like Clooney/Taylor in Jamaica?

I accidentally bleached a really cute pair of my daughter's pants today with the white towels. Am sad about that.

All my travelling peeps made it back home safely. Praise!

Although, apparently the fact that southerners call all carbonated beverages "coke" doesn't translate well outside the south.

Today, I left South Beach. In fact, I am so far off of it, I am all the way up the Eastern Seaboard. Will do better tomorrow...I hope.

Did a digi page for Masters today. Am waiting on feedback.

Totally random, but how evil is Angelina Jolie. I heard somewhere she is now admitting she got knocked up before Brad was divorced ON PURPOSE. And somehow its all ok because she adopted some foreign kids? I hope she totally screws things up with Brad and that he begs Jennifer Anniston to come back to him, but she is already married to someone totally rich and fabulous that thinks she's great.