You have to keep voting peeps!!!!!

For the first time EVER I am doing well in this week's contest. Its all because of you, my faithful blog readers : )

Please keep voting every day all the way thru Wednesday!!!!!!
Pretty Please.
Pretty Please with sugar on top.
and a cherry.

Here is the link again, in case you forgot...

click on "Put Your Head on my Shoulder" and vote : )

Also, I got a fancy latte maker for my birthday from Williams Sonoma. I am severely addicted to caffine and can no longer stomach drinking Coke every morning, nor can I take paying Starbucks $4 a pop for a latte. So, thus the latte maker. But I CAN'T MAKE IT WORK. I think I may be bop up to WS this afternoon, espresso pods and milk in hand and make them give me a lesson.