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Also, Gretchen the Great is in the running for BHG Summer Challenge again this week. Continue to vote for her so she can win....if you are so inclined. : ).;jsessionid=MNFEHJQDRUC3JQFIBRACCZQ?id=/templatedata/sbe/voting/data/1207926999712.xml&sid=5
Her layout is "On the Daily" and it is the best one so she deserves to win.

Looking forward to a full weekend! Have enjoyed being back at work this past week. I really missed talking to adults. I also like having my own laptop. I miss my kids, but the days I am with them are oh so much sweeter. We went to Pump It Up today and the kids are worn out. Cam acted like total diva and threw about 35 fits when she wasn't getting her way. J kept running up to me with random injuries and then running off with Jacob about 2 minutes after said injury. Also, J's new favorite song is "Lay Your Love on Me" by ABBA. He asks me to play it over and over and over again in the car. Go Figure. If its not that song, he wants to listen to the "Learn to Speak Chinese" CD we got in a Chic Fil A kids meal. Goodness, I love that boy.

Have a wonderful weekend.