Not alot to say actually.

But alot has been going on.....

I started back to work yesterday. I went back to the place I used to work. Not the EXACT place, but the bigger part. It was nice. It was good to use my brain. Or think about using my brain. I actually can't believe I remembered some of the stuff I that I did. It was kind of funny....I ran into a girl that I hired right before I left. When I hired her I was hugely pregnant. She is now pregnant (not huge but pg just the same).

Breaking Dawn was all that I wanted and more. It was better than my best teenage vampire/warewolf saga fantasy. Karl - I am totally bringing you the series asap.

Do any of you out there ever lack faith? I mean, I am a Christian and I believe in the existance and sovreignity of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, but sometimes I have moments of doubt. Doubt that he really cares about what is going on with me. Doubts that he will intervine in my life. Doubts in general. Then, something happens that is too much of a coincidence to be coincidence. A prayer answered. A person found. A situation that works out too well. Anyone else have that same experience?

I got some crazy cute fall clothes (and work clothes) at BRep last weekend during tax free holiday. Went to the Crew this week and could die for their fall line. I need all kinds of cash to buy all that I want. I did tryo n the jelly shoes at the Crew and they gave unattractive toe cleavage...just incase anyone else was wondering. I mean, a quarter of an inch would have turned the tides on those.

I hope its ok to post is a sneak of this month's scripts kit... I made a really cool little book with it...

It was inspired by Emily Falconbridge. Sorry about all the butterflies.