A good time was had by all, I think. It was wonderful visiting with people that I see all the time and people that I haven't seen in years. Our group of friends is so funny...we all have like 10 different connections to eachother. There was no one there that was like, "Oh, I'm so and so's friend from college". It was, "Oh, I'm so and so's friend from college, but I'm also married to her brother and I work with his sister-in-law". We had fun telling people all about the Tarrant connection (Leah married Jammy and that began a wonderful merger between her friends and his friends). I had fun telling people that Jammy was the Coca-Cola player of the year. Now he has to bring the trophy to next year's party...he promised John Brown's brother-in-law's friend. Brandon and I discussed the mysteries of the Trinity. Amanda, Suzanne, Karly and I went to Wal-Mart (when we got back, someone said, "Karly, you HATE Wal Mart"). There was more food than anyone could ever eat. I have already thrown away alot of it this morning. Post party, the house is relatively clean. The thing I am looking forward to the least is cleaning my crock pots (party meatballs and spinach dip - gross). The band was good. We wondered if it was the first time they had played in someone's back yard in the suburbs. In front of our former organic garden. They played too much Tom Petty for my taste. They also didn't stick around for the Bama game. They didn't strike me as big football fans. Apparently, Leah and I are the last people on earth that aren't on Facebook. Also, you are looking at 3 of the 4 good pictures I took at the party. All my grand plans of being the Zap girl did not materialize. So, if you had your camera and have some good pics, please send them my way!

IN other news...I am almost done with my prototype for my Wrapper's Delight planner!!! Just a couple of tiny details remain. Its bound and I could actually start using it as a planner, except its not 2009 yet. Here is a sneaky peeky (the light was bad so the color is a touch off):