He is risen!  We went to Friday night church instead of Sunday morning church so I missed singing "Christ the Lord is Risen Today".  It's my favorite hymn.  

It has been a busy few days.  Didn't have to work Thursday or Friday so we had playdates both days.

On Thursday, V and I played "Mothers of the Year" and did an art project with the kids.  Here is "Cam's".  I put it in quotes bc I totally did the whole thing.  She was not so into the art project.  I took lots of pics but I'm just too lazy to put them on the blog.  Basically, we got some 8x10 canvas boards, painted the background, made an egg template, painted a white egg on the canvas, then laid the template down again and let the kids "decorate" the egg with paint and stamps, oil pastels and glitter.  

Friday we went to the mall with MJ&J and rode the carousel, ate Chic fil A and walked around.  Seriously, I really needed one of those kiddie leashes.  

Saturday we had family Easter dinner #1.  Sunday, Easter dinners #2 and #3.  I think my children have eaten more than their weight in candy.

I have a small, teenie confession to make.  I have purchased the Twilight DVD.  Just the regular DVD, not the mega extended version.  I know, I know, I know.  I totally panned the movie here on this very blog last fall, but I seriously think they edited it a little bit before the DVD release.  Yes, the makeup is still horrifying and the hair is still bad, but I didn't laugh out loud once the second time around.  RPattz (thanks Cleolinda) is pretty cute, I must admit.  Also, I found some links to pics from New Moon and WOW they listened to the general public and hired a decent makeup artist.  As V said, the real test will be when we see what Carlisle looks like.  

Speaking of Miss Cleo (linked above), I cannot stop laughing at her recaps.  They are endlessly funny.  I especially like it when she tells Edward to, "shine on you prissy diamond".  LMAO!!!!!  Seriously, it NEVER gets old.  I keep just laughing.  She's from the 'ham, btw.  

That's all I got peeps.