I have started creating Celebrity Mii's on our Wii. I got the idea from looking thru all the noses one has to choose from when creating a Mii. One was basically two dots, and I thought, "That looks like a Michael Jackson nose!". So, I created an M.Jackson Mii. It is SPOT ON for MJ. Its hilarious when he shows up on our baseball team. Now I am inspired to create more celebrities. I am going to do Britney Spears, Madonna, Jason Bourne (or Matt Damon as Jason Bourne) and maybe Leonardo DiCaprio. Who else should I create? I know there are some funny ones out there. I am very open to suggestions. Depending on how they turn out, I may post the pics on my blog or on FB (since only like 2 people read this blog).

Just in case you were wondering, we've already created Mii's for our entire family, all our close friends and a few babysitters.

By the way, today absolutely sucked at work. Thank the Lord for Toad Hollow and Pandora.