Jam, Karly: this post is for you.

Several months ago, Friend Virginia introduced me to a site called Plinky. They email you several questions every other week or so for you to answer. You can go and answer on their site and see what others said. Or not. I'm in the or not category. However, since I love a good quiz, I thought I'd answer some of these questions on my blog. Also, I'd like all of you out there to participate as well. I'm starting with some old ones....

Thursday, Aug 27, 2009

What's the name of the dance move you created that sweeping the world?

Explain how it's done.

Yeah. Those of you who know me know I cannot dance. The name of any dance I would create isn't publishable on this Family Friendly blog.

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2009

List the worst pickup lines you've heard (or can think of).

Some people just aren't as suave as they think they are.

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In college, one guy actually asked if I'd be his girlfriend for tonight. I laughed at him and walked off. Tool.

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2009

What's the last movie you rented?

Write a review.

Do people rent movies any more? We ordered a 24 hour pass for "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" for the kids a few weeks ago. They liked it. Buck Wild is a great actor.

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Monday, Aug 24, 2009

If you could get any tattoo for just a week, what would it be?

Where would it be? Would you consider getting it permanently?

I think I'd get a butterfly on my shoulder blade. I would not get it permanently.

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Sunday, Aug 23, 2009

What was the first plane ride you took?

Describe the trip – what was it like? Were you excited or scared?

I went to England when I was 10. I was very, very excited. I sat next to a very nice Englishwoman who offered me some chewing gum as the plane descended into Gatwick. Other than the fact it was a really long plane ride for a 10 year old, it was great.

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Saturday, Aug 22, 2009

What continent would you most like to visit?

Explain why. Have you been there before? Is it the last one to check off your list?

Hands down: Australia. Never been. Always wanted to go. When I was in elementary school, I begged my parents for a trip to Australia. They never got it for me but they did go themselves shortly after I was removed from the payroll. They really enjoyed it.

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Friday, Aug 21, 2009

What's your 'guilty pleasure' TV show?

You know, the one you watch but don't tell anyone you watch.

I am a sucker for old 90210 (90's version) and The O.C. episodes on SOAPnet. The first 2 seasons of each are the best. You cannot beat the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle. Nor can you beat the Marisa/Ryan push pull that went on for so long.