You all know I love some fancy designer jeans. You all also know I LOOOOOVE a good bargain.

My Dear Friend, the Market Maven, Karly B. Field told me of a sale at Gloss at the Summit this week. Apparently, they were going to have True Religion jeans on sale for $75. Now, for those of you that don't know, the usual retail value of True Religion jeans is $300, thus, I do not have a pair. Well, I did have one pair, but they were fakes I bought off a street vendor in Soho, but I digress.

DFK and I walked into Gloss on Wednesday to take a look at the $75 TR (because I just COULDN'T pass it up). Here is what we found:

Immediately, we saw why they were on sale. They were covered with some hideous looking studs. I know the 80's are supposed to be retro chic right now, but really, some trends do not need to be revived.

I was pretty sad bc I need some new jeans, as all my old ones are developing holes. Some of the holes are not in good places. BUT I took a closer look at the jeans and realized the studs were just held in by weak metal prongs. I thought, "I can so pull these things off and have a normal looking pair of jeans". So, I went for it. They just happened to have my size and I can't pass up a deal that is 80% off.

That night, I successfully pulled off every single hideous stud from my jeans! Woot!

So that is my story.

Thanks also to Noel Mignon for featuring my "Teenie Faces" layout below on the NM Blog this week. That was a wonderful compliment!!!!