Srsly? No comments for the last post. I am slightly heartbroken.

So, this weekend I did some home decor that I've been meaning to do for a while. I used the Silhouette for alot of it. Here is a recap.

1. Foyer Stars - I did a layout with this as the background a long time ago. I thought it would be cool to do as a canvas. I got some 12x12 canvas board and layered some patterned paper in a star shape on them (after painting the background glossy black). It gives color to our sad, tan foyer.

2. Text Wall Hanging - I thought this would take like an hour. It took all freaking day. I used some cheap vinyl stickers I got on clearance with my Silhouette vinyl to make this pic about special places for me and the PK. Here is the "in process" picture.

Here is the finished product:

I will never do this again. It was a pain. Although, I do like the result.

3. Sports Themed Pictures - J informed me that the precious canvas paintings of animals he previously had in his room were "kind of babyish". I needed to replace them with sports stuff. Like, "football and baseball and boxing and stuff like that". As I dried my tears, I found these cool "grunge" balls on the Silhouette site. Here is the baseball. A football and basketball are to follow but I ran out of time. Busy season and all that.