Note:  This post is old.  I had did it a while ago and for some reason, everytime I tried to log into Blogger, it was acting up.
 PK and Pirate J at Cinderella's Royal Table
 Me with Sleeping Beauty

Last week, the Prom King, the kiddies and I all went to the land of the Greedy Mouse (aka Walt Disney World in Orlando).  I am still tired from the trip and we got back 3 days ago. 

We left on Sunday morning and our plane landed about 1pm Orlando time.  We then took the Disney Magical Express to our hotel (the Beach Club).  After going up to our room we went to get on the bus to the Animal Kingdom.  And we waited.  And we waited.  And we finally took a cab bc it was now about 3:30 and we hadn't even seen the first park.

We had a great time that first day at AK.  The highlight was Expedition Everest, aka the Yeti ride.  J and B have a "thing" for the Yeti/Grassman/Sasquatch so they were super pumped to ride it together.  PK isn't really one for the roller coasters and it was a little much for him.  So I rode it with J the second time.  It was REALLY fun!

That night we had a character dinner at 1900 Park Fare where Jason met Cinderella.  He is now convinced Cinderella is in love with him.  Sometimes I wonder how we are going to instill self confidence in that boy.

The next day was spent at the Magic Kingdom, where Cam did the Bippity Boppiti Boutique (she chose to dress up as Sleeping Beauty) and J did the Pirate's League (Pirate Name:  Richard Bladecutter).  J and I rode all the fun rides while PK and the Tiny Princess rode the kiddie rides (but not the Tea Cups bc that would be too intense).  We ended the day at Cinderella's Royal Table where J got to spend more one on one time with Cinderella plus Snow White, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and Belle.  Watching the kids during the whole Castle experience was my highlight.

We were all exhausted by that time so we just did a half day at Hollywood Studios the next day.  J and I rode the Tower of Terror (waited an hour in line for a 7 1/2 minute ride).  We had lunch at Pizza Planet (where the salad is actually pretty good) and then used our fast pass to ride Toy Story Mania. TSM is a real version of the Wii game of the same name.  I beat PK at it so that was nice too!

Thanks to the help of our Disney Vacation Planner, Brittney Smith, we made a good call on the hotel.  The Beach Club had a really cool pool which we took full advantage of on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a nice change of pace from the parks and it had an awesome water slide (that J went on about 57 times).

On our last day, we decided to forgo Epcot and hit AK again.  The "exotic petting zoo" was closed by the time we got there on Sunday so I really wanted to do that before we left.  I was thinking, "Disney exotic petting zoo probably means like Koalas or Monkeys or something.  Maybe a Kangaroo!".  Not so much.  They had goats, sheep and some burros.  Wow.  Exactly the same animals we have at our local petting zoo.

In hindsight, I think we would have fared better if we would have had a higher adult to child ratio.  We know several people that have gone with either just one child or all their kids but grandparents.  In fact, I highly recommend that the grandparents foot the bill for the whole trip.  That is certainly the way to go.