Just wanted a place to record my random thoughts and artwork without limitations.

here are my thoughts for the day...

* potty training blows. it is far easier to throw away a poopie diaper than to figure out what to do with a pair of underpants filled with crap.
* why don't they have store signs with words in Sheetrock Hills? Only pictures.
* its no fun to buy make up anymore. I am about to have to spend about $100 on under eye cream (to prevent wrinkles) and base. I miss the days when all I got to buy was eyeshadow and lipstick (fun make up)
* praising the Lord that I get to keep my house cleaners every other week (that is what I was going to tell you Karly)
* are the people at Aveda serious when they charge $50 for a bottle of conditioner?
* why did I pick the day after the house was cleaned to begin potty training? Not the best idea.
* when you have a toddler, silence is golden, except for when that means he is sticking his toys in the toilet in an attempt to "clean" them. um, you are actually doing the opposite...
* the simplest things make kids happy...free balloons and cookies at Publix for example. if you are a toddler, this will make your day.