Sometimes you just get in a bad mood ya know.

Any hoo... a funny story. I got a pedicure last week at a semi chi chi spa here in town. Funny though, I got the pedi for free for joining my gym. So, I am waiting to be called back and am smelling some different samples of stuff they have out. I pick one up to give it a good sniff and I spill this fragrant oil all over myself and the display table. Just call me Rico Suave. The charity pedicure made a mess. So I grab a tissue and start to clean it up and a lady that works there comes over to help me. She made me feel not like such a klutz and was very gracious...the mark of a chi chi place. I did get my pedicure. It was great. I've gotten the cheapies for so long that I forgot what it is like for a pedi to take more than 15 minutes and for the pedicurist to actually do a good job painting your toenails.

J has been pooping in the potty almost all week. I mean, if he is poopie trained, I will be the happiest girl in the freaking world. He also has started walking around the house with our office garbage can on his head. I bet he'll be the lampshade guy in college.

Cam, not sleeping so well, however.

The South Beach Diet has gone the way of the Dodo in our house. Prom King jokes that we are now on the "Cherokee Beach Diet" that consists of lots of fat, sugar and carbs. Little to no exercise is reccomended. I am just trying to keep in mind 3 Milano cookies are ok, the entire bag in one sitting is not an acceptable serving size. I feel like a cow...but I am now able to wear my James jeans. I put on my Hudsons and PK laughed at me. Not a good sign.

I did order a really cute skirt from (yes Karly, I know...but it came in a box in the mail instead of off the conveyor belt with my food). They only had an XS in the color I wanted. And by goodness if it wasn't missized. It fits like a medium. I am very happy. Cute skirt, great price.

For the record, it has been years since I have cheated at spades. No matter that it has also been years since I last played. Anyone up for a game?