Karly's birthday was saturday. We had a great time at the Dueling Piano Bar. So much fun! I did take one cute picture (technical difficulties due to the fact that my camera somehow got stuck on timer) of Karly and Brandon. Happy 32nd Karl! So, was 31 fun?

So I was thinking...lamenting the loss of my favorite reality shows (although I'll have to watch Hell's Kitchen, per Karly) and thinking if I could pick any 12 stars to do an DWTS All Star competition who would I pick? Here is what I thought of so far...

1. Justin Timberlake - you know they would have rather had him than Joey. He can totally move and possibly sing his own dance songs.
2. Britney Spears - Given Brit's current train wreck status, this may not be far off. Lets get real...she's more of a dancer than a singer anyway. Wouldn't you love to see her and Justin go head to head?
3. Tony Stewart - trying to think of a sportsman here. I know alot of girls out there (Gretchen) would rather see Dale Jr., but I think Smoke would bring a little something extra to the competition.
4. Rainn Wilson - Dwight on DWTS? I'd be glued to the TV set.
5. Jennie Garth - I'm a Kelly Taylor fan for life.

I'd love to hear anyone elses opinion on this burning topic.

Am addicted to Pepperidge Farm chessmen cookies. They are like crack to me. Half of my bag spilled out on the floor in the pantry. I am devastated. PK and I are also addicted to PF Changs take out. When we were picking it up last night, I viewed the people eating in having leisurely meals with a glass of wine or two. I thought about my screaming kids in the car (PK was driving and in the car with them before anyone calls dhr) and thought...just a few more years and I too can eat in at PF Changs. It truly is the little things isn't it?