I was driving home from a friends house today and I turned onto the street before my street the same time as an old man from my former street. I follwed him all the way to my house. He slowed in front of my house and kind of stopped a little bit. I drove into the driveway and kind of stared at his car and he drove off. Is that weird? He's an old guy, but in kind of good shape and spry for a whitey. We weren't friends at all (PK and I were like 40 years younger than everyone else on our previous street) and I have no idea what his name is. I never spoke to him, but always waved when I saw him in his yard. How weird is that? Is he looking for us or something?

Soooo glad Ian got kicked off DWTS last night. He bugs. His teeth are way too white and the Elvis thing was an abomination.

Love to the masses.