to say. None of it very important. Thus, it totally fits the theme of this entire blog.

- My Little Insomniacs. I think Cam has given up even attempting to sleep through the night. In fact, I can't imagine a day where I will sleep through the night ever again. J has decided (again) naps are not for him even though he clearly needs one. Now he just throws a fit and falls asleep at the door in his room. But he will sleep for 3 hours so who am I to criticize.

- Speaking of tired...I think I have passed some point of no return. Having not slept more than 5 hours at a stretch since like November, I think I now only require 4 or so hours of sleep a night, and those don't even have to be in a row. That, however, could be the caffine or adrenaline talking. Later this week should be really fun when adrenaline runs out and I get really tired.

- You know how teen dramas have those "special episodes" about teen pregnancy or cutting or bulimia, etc. and then a couple of stars from the show come on at the end and do a little PSA and say, "If you have this problem, there is help. Call this number, blah, blah, blah"? Has there ever been anyone that has been like, "Wow, I'm anorexic, and since Kelly Taylor gave out this number on TV, I think I'll get help". Do those shows really help people?

- Once I get enough free time to figure out how to load photos to myblog, I am going to start posting my favorite scrapbook pages (sorry Jam). None that were done "for a call" or "with certain products" but just ones I like. I did one this weekend I am really proud of : )

- Speaking of scrapbooking, I think it could save my life. I was having a mental breakdown yesterday and talking to my Mom, letting the King take the kids and a few hours of scrapbooking really pulled me out of my funk. I mean even SHOPPING did not help my dour mood last week. Hooray that scrapping did...or now I am too tired to actually feel any emotions.

- Do you ever look at your life and see things going on that you can't believe? Things that kind of snuck up on you? Like if someone would have told you 5 years ago they were going to happen you would have tried to prevent them, but now that they have happened you are kind of blase about them? That makes me kind of scared to live the rest of my life.

- Don't try to use one of those big green car buggies at Publix with a toddler and a baby in a carseat. The carseat does not sit well in the front part and those things can't corner worth a darn. Big mistake.

- I saw somewhere today a list of kids and their allergies. One kid was allergic to sunscreen. What do you do about that?

- I lost 3 pounds last week on South Beach! Yay! I still can't wear my Hudsons. I mean, I can put them on, but I look like a hooker.

- Another thing I am trying to do to save the earth (my way, that is), buying local produce. Its a start.

For my loved ones going out of town soon...BE CAREFUL!!! Just come back relaxed and rested and safe and sound. My prayers will be with you every day. Call me if you need me to do anything for you while you are gone. Although, if you want me to water plants, I'm not really good at that.