From time to time its good to get rid of stuff you don't need. To "cycle it out" as it were.

Today, I cleaned out my closet. I vowed to get rid of stuff that was washed to death, hopelessly out of style or that I have had since college (you'd be shocked at the amount I threw away that hit the last designation). Some things that were purged:

* an Old Navy black wool sweater that I used to wear to work on casual fridays when it was brand new, then on cold Sunday afternoons when it got a little worn. I bought it in the fall of 99. I almost kept it today, but it was time to see it go.

* 2 short sleeve Banana Republic and 1 long sleeve INC cashmere sweaters. I used to keep them because "they were cashmere". HOwever, they do not look good on me. The long sleeve one was given to me by the Prom King before we were married. It looks like a halter top on me now.

* Two dresses I vividly remember wearing to chapter. How pathetic.

* My Custo Barcelona tunic. I almost kept this because it was a tunic, however, it is still Custo and therefore hopelessly out of style. Also purchased in 99.

* My floor lenghth sweater/coat. Remember when those were in style. Before I had kids.

* a fuzzy necked sweater I wore the winter before I got pregnant to alot of weddings.

Things that made the cut:

* a black and white Banana REpublic turtleneck sweater and one of those sweaters made from old coke bottles. In case it snows. I can't wear either of them anymore because I have worn both of them to Iron Bowls in Tuscaloosa. Yep, they are old.

* A Polo sweater dress and Polo jogging suit thing. In case anyone I know gets pregnant in the winter months again.

* All my old J Crew tissue tees and tank tops. They are now classified as pajamas.

* The two dresses I made when I graduated from High School. Because I made them.

* My old suits. Why can't I get rid of these?

* A shift I bought right before I finished graduate school. I wore it to Lauren and Charlie's wedding. But its a classic. Shifts never go out of style, right?

Leah and Kacy are proud of me right now. Although, still somewhat appalled at the state of my closet.

A shout out to those on the injured list: Jammy (running injury), Karly (typhoid), Brandon (whatever Karly has), JB (adenoids)

Have a good weekend dear readers!!!