Its definately a flaw of mine. I realllly like to be right. I don't think I'm one of those people that "knows it all". Quite the contrary - I ask for help and advice quite a bit. But when things are wrong, and I say they are wrong and someone says I am wrong, I very much like to prove them wrong (got that). I had lunch with an old friend of mine today. She told me some stuff that pretty much proved that there was a situation that I was right about a long time ago (and for the record, continue to be right about today). But it made me sad because even though I was right, she was kind of suffering for it. I didn't make her suffer. It was just the situation. Anyway...

Other wrong things in the world...

On the show One Tree Hill: there was an episode a few days ago where one of the cheerleaders got injured on the night before a big competition. They then taught a girl (who was not a cheerleader, btw) the entire routine to fill in for the hurt girl. In fact, they rechoreorgraphed the entire routine on top of adding another person. That would NEVER be possible in real life (back me up on this Leah). It takes WEEKS for everyone to just learn the routine and perfect it. You can't change it up like that the night before and expect it to look right. IN real life, the squad would have forfeited.

Also on One Tree Hill: Brooke took Mouth to a strip club and bought him a lapdance. It was a pretty swanky looking club. Didn't know Tree Hill had one of those. And how freaking old are these kids anyway. Old enough to get into (or at least have a plausible fake id) a strip club. Please.

Other items:

Loving Blake's AI performance this week. I am so conflicted on who I like better: Melinda or Blake. Its such a toss up.

Thats all. I'm sure I'll have more later..