Do you believe in signs? I do. Sometimes you get that little tickle in the pit of your stomach that says something isn't right. It makes you turn around and change your plans. You don't know just had a feeling. Sometimes its about people. Sometimes situations. I totally beleive in signs. They always tell you to trust your gut in an unfamiliar situation. There are things your subconscious tells you that you need to heed. Recently, I had a trip cancelled due to signs. Even though, I am dissappointed, the signs to NOT go were definately there. I am a firm believer in trusting your gut in these situations. I'd rather not go that regret it...

My first suprize this weekend is when my in laws brought J back from the beach one whole day early. Clearly, they were tired. I love my little boy with all of my heart, but he is quite the handful. I was kind of looking forward to one more "Cam Focused" day, but, alas it was not to be. I also have to reprogram him when he comes home. As good grandparents tend to do, he gets a little spoiled while he is away. I have to start out fussing at him so he will get under control.

My second suprize of the weekend was lunch at the Whole Foods Market today. When the trip was originally planned, it would have been just me, Cam and my Mom. With J, toddler extraordinare, thrown into the mix, the trip was ALOT different than planned. We got there at 11:30 right in the middle of the lunch rush. We were totally overwhelmed at the food selection. So, Mom has Cam and I am trying to corral J and serve myself from the hot bar. The tilapia I really wanted was gone. All they had was chicken (didn't look great), but then I spotted something that looked like beef with mushrooms in a nice flavorful looking gravy sauce. I LOADED up with that stuff and some nice fluffy, white rice. I love spicy beef tips and rice. I was hungry so, like I said, I got alot. When we finally sat down to eat, I realized it was NOT beef. It was some kind of mystery meat or possibly (ick) tofu. I really think it was tofu, in fact. Mom kept trying to figure out what meat it was. I kept telling her to stop because it was tofu. YOu know, those whole foods people are into all that organic, save the world crap.

J acted like a wild indian out of control. He jumped up and down in the booth. He ran all over the bar section. I had to threaten him numerous times. He asked me what the sign above us said at least 2 million times. I asked Mom, "When will he quit acting like this? Will it be in the near future?" She said one day he'd start following directions better. By the look on her face, I am afraid she left out the part that he will be 12 years old when that will occur.

I also got a $3 cupcake. Save your extra 50cents and get one at Edgars. They are FAR superior. The icing was good and pretty too. However, the cake part tasted like it may be tofu as well. Kind of like grade school paste mixed with wheat flour. Maybe my extra 50 cents went towards reducing my carbon footprint. I figure with my vegan lunch at Whole Foods, getting my hair done at Aveda last time, and thus far resisting purchasing an SUV, I have done my part to save the environment.

You may also notice I changed the title of my blog. I like it better.

Please say surgery prayers for J on Thursday.