J had his adenoid surgery today. It went well. I am supposed to not let him get "hot and sweaty" for a week post surgery. That will be a neat trick. He seems to have no ill effects from the anesthesia. They always tell me, "He will be a little groggy and slow today". Clearly, they do not know my child very well. The only time he has been less than 100% today was when he had just received a shot of demerol.

Have you ever noticed how happy the employees at Starbucks are? I mean, I go there alot now adays and not once have I had one that was less than perfectly charming towards me. Its like there's never a bad day in caffineland. Once, they even opened like 5 minutes early so I could get an early morning latte...and they were GLAD to do it. No lip, no pouting, just helpful, happy service. I'm happy after a cup of coffee and all, but they must lace the employee pot with happy pills or something. Its remarkable. Now if we could just get the people that work at gas stations, at Macy's and at most fast food restaurants on the same stuff (although, Chick-fil-A workers are pretty darn happy and polite as well).

Love to the masses that read my blog. I think there's like five of yall.