I have a problem. You know the way some women love shoes...they are obsessed with them and have a thousand pairs? I feel the same way about purses. I can never get enough. I could care less about shoes. I think I have 10 pairs and only one pair was purchased in the last year. But purses...I love them. I am kind of a purse snob in as I don't like fakes. I have only 2 knock off purses but they are good fakes. One is a nylon Prada bag which I made Karly and Leah go to 97 shops in Chinatown to find and the other is a Balenciaga fake I got at Target 2 years ago. The Balenciaga smells like a fake, but since we don't hang out with that many people that actually own a Balenciaga bag, it passes. I pride myself on the ability to spot a fake, also. I am especially good at spotting Louis and Kate Spade fakes. They truly bother me.

My love of purses extends to the non-designer variety. Case in point...I have found a hand made purse online that I am obsessed with. I keep looking at the website because I think this purse is so cute. The jones is strong for this new purse. I'll keep you posted on the purchase. This site also has some cute wrap around skirts that seem quite versatile. I showed them to my Mom. She made a face and said, "Katie, those are so 60's". I guess when my daughter starts wearing alot of plaid flannel later in her life I'll look at her, make a face, and say, "That is so 90's". Am saving for an up coming vacay so I really need to be hording cash, but I think I may NEED the skirt for the trip. The bag I just want but would probably not bring on the trip.
So what do yall think? Should I get the purse and skirt. I have been obsessing about them for 5 days now.