This is a frequent quote of mine these days. Today is one of those unsalvageable days. For whateve reason, my baby has decided sleeping is not one of her preferred activities. She's not really that hungry. She's not cold. I don't think she is sick. She just wants to party all night long. Mama is tired. Mama is no longer amused by waking up every 30 minutes during the night. Remember that Seinfeld episode about DaVinci sleep? That's me. I don't feel anything remotely like Leonardo DaVinci. Well, maybe I am kind of starting to look like him, but that's it. I flipped my hair over to the non highlighted side this weekend and was DEVASTATED by the number of gray hairs I found there. Thank the Lord I went blond years ago. Maybe some day soon, I can start saving on highlights since I may be totally gray in like 5 months. Sooner if Cam doesn't start sleeping better. We are going on a vacation this fall and the place where we are staying has really comfortable beds. I literally want to stay there one extra day just so I can lay around and nap in that bed all day long. Sad. I used to lead a life of excitement (relatively) and now I just want to sleep.