Wow. PK and I were watching TV before bed last night and turned it to this. Wow. Its like the Bachelor for really, really skanky girls. I really didn't think TV could sink to a new low. I made comments like, "Where did they find these people" and "They must be the lowest forms of human life". I love me some trashy tv but we had to change it once they previewed they were going to have the contestants talk dirty to Bret over the phone and they were going to measure his "response". I can't go into any more detail in case my mother is reading this.

The house they live in comes complete with a stripper pole and of course, a fully stocked bar. At one point they were having a "party" with Bret and all 16 of the "contestants" were drinking it up with him. Several of them were displaying some girl on girl action for him while others were doing gymnastic feats on afore mentioned pole. Class.

This begged the question, if this is what they are showing on prime time TV these days, what will be acceptable to show when our kids are grown up? And VH1 used to be the tamer of the two networks. I haven't watched MTV lately because I am so old, but if its worse than this, I don't think I will allow it in my house. It makes me want the good old days of reality TV when The Osbournes were on. I am going to start praying that chastity and virtue will be the new cool ways to rebel against the establishment when the kids are teens. Please.