Due to overwhelming response, we will be scheduling our first Girls Poker Night soon. Yippee! PK will deal and Uncle Lee will also be in attendance to help a girl out. Looking forward to it.

Read the last HP book and LOVE LOVE LOVED it. It ended just the way I hoped it would. Those of you who really know me now know how the book ends.

J started wheezing this morning...so no school today. Sadness in my heart. That, compounded with Cam's distaste for sleeping at night makes me tired.

One more "old" thing about me...Summer is no longer my favorite season. I fought this one a long time. Still insisting summer was my favorite (although, nothing can beat a good summer night). Karly and I were discussing this the other day. I now prefer fall. Cooler. Easier to wear jeans all the time. All the stuff that used to be fun about summer (going to the pool, going to the beach, no school, good movies coming out, my birthday) all are no longer fun now that we are adults with children. Can't layout because I'm afraid of wrinkles. Can't go to the beach or the pool without bringing the kids which puts a damper on the whole enjoyable "relaxation" aspect of said locations. Graduated from school. Can't go to good movies without using a babysitter. I still like my birthday but only for the presents. The whole getting older thing kind of sucks now.

Leah F. Jackson is a musical goddess. Thank you for my new cd. It makes me want to go run on the treadmill and hardly anything makes me want to do that.

Was expecting my last shipment of pictures for MMM submission in the mail today. THey did not come. If they don't come tomorrow I will officially freak out. It bothers me that one week before the deadline I still have not mailed my entry.