so, I went to Saks today and bought these. I need some comfy shoes for our trip to the big Apple. It will be warmer than the last time we went so I was looking for something I could wear without socks. Also, I am tired of comfortable yet bulky/boxy shores. I want something more streamlined and chic. I heard these were comfortable, but are they comfortable enough? My big toe on my right foot is a little squinched. Also, they kind of rub on the left side of my left foot. We will see. Someone may need to talk some sense into me with these...they are just so darn cute. No unsightly toe cleavage. Another worry...last year I bought some soft leather ballet flats and wore them to a football game. Not only were they totally uncomfortable, but they got holes in them from walking. I think the sole is substantial enough on these that it wont be an issue, though.

Just put my Danskos on for comparison. Soooooooooooo much more comfy.
Maybe I'll try some of those Cole Haans that have the nike insoles.