So, the big 31 is tomorrow. I am not happy about being old. I am starting to not have the same fun as I used to on my birthday. Maybe if we would have gone to the beach as originally planned... All I am left with is age. Plus, the people at MM have ruined my birthday. Oh well. There are still some GREAT things about my birthday:
Low Key Dinners with Friends
Well Wishes
An excuse to eat Cupcakes
An excuse to buy Icees
An excuse to buy Starbucks
ALL kinds of positives.

Karly and I were talking the other day about how summer is no longer our favorite season, and how that is also a sign that one is old. When you are young, summer is all about no school, staying up late, hanging out with your friends all day by the pool, trips to the beach. You don't mind the heat. Now, you aren't in school so that is not an issue, if you go to the pool or the beach you often have to bring your kids which takes all the relaxation aspect of visiting the pool out of the equation and it is too hot to wear jeans. Thus, fall is now my favorite season. Proof that I am officially old. I have really preferred fall for a couple of years but - really - not owned up to it becuase I felt like it was a sign I was old. After this summer, I have no fear admitting fall is my fave.

We saw Borne Ultimatum on Saturday favorite of the Bourne Series. Although, I want to know more about the past relationship between Jason and Nicky. When he asked why she was helping him, she said, "It was difficult with you". What did that mean? Leave it to a girl to look for the love story in an action movie.

Speaking of Love...I was thinking about one more thing in the last Harry Potter book (spoiler alert). Did anyone notice how Love also saved Draco Malfoy? When Harry came back from the dead (or whatever), Mrs. Malfoy was the first one to him. She asked Harry if Draco was still alive and when she told him Draco was alive, Mrs. Malfoy lied and told Voldemort that Harry was dead. She knew the sooner Voldemort gave up on the fight, the sooner she could get into Hogwarts and find her son. She could have cared less about Voldemort's wrath for lying to him...all she cared about was her little boy. Ultimately, Mrs. Malfoy's love for her son saved everyone. Everyone with kids can relate to that.

Hope you all have a great week : )