I have long loved Parisian. One of my favorite stores for basics. A touchstone, if you will, in the city's retail world. I have memories of shopping there when I was in elementary school. I purchased one of my prom dresses there, as well as a few homecoming outfits. I bought 3 Mardi Gras dresses there and some college formal dresses. I've bought first day of school clothes and countless pairs of shoes at good old Parisian. I've shopped there all my life basically. So, when it was purchased by Belk and the Belk folks said they were doing away with it, I was upset. I said I wouldn't shop there EVER. Then I found out they had premium denim over 50% off. Welcome Belk! I was even impressed with the brands they carry and the look of the new store. I'm not converted, and I'll always miss Parisian, but sometimes change can be ok.