no school this week for the kiddies = one tired Mama. My body physically hurt from carrying them around everywhere, but I love being with them. I just happen to think they are the cutest, sweetest, greatest pair on the planet, but that is just me. We mostly just hung out in the playroom, which kind of started to feel like a prison on day 4. Fortunately, I have a dear friend that let me bring my kids over to her house on Friday in the morning even though she had home improvement going on. Thanks Karly. The Fri. AM playdate hit the spot.

I did get alot of scrapping done, suprizingly enough. I had some calls and stuff I wanted to submit to and was able to do 4 pages this week that I sumbitted to various calls. Yay me! I'm still working on some stuff for the store.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to use my Mother's Day gift yesterday. The fam got me an hour massage and pedicure at a local spa. Niiiiice. Like I said, the bod was in pain. Each morning I got up this week, my back hurt more than it did the morning before. The guy that gave me my massage said my left shoulder was a mess. THis morning I woke up and no pain whatsoever. The power of massage. There was some kind of mix up about who should do my pedicure afterwards that really threw my pedicurist into a dither. I could have cared less but she apologized profusely before, during and after my pedicure. This kind of stressed me out, slightly negating the relaxation of the massage. Sometimes I wish those in the beauty service industry just wouldn't talk to me. Most of the time when I am receiving a service I just want to relax with my magazine or my own thoughts, but then these people start making conversation with me the well brought up, polite girl in me feels as though I must reciprocate. It all just stresses me out, thus defeating the purpose. The exception to this is my hairdresser, Melissa who I actually do like talking to, but then again, I have been going to her for 3 and a half years. She's not some random person I have never seen before.

Other stuff happened too that I'm not at liberty to discuss. All I can say is that sometimes its hard to be honest. Also, my pride gets in the way alot. Something I pray everyday will get better about me.