Leah, Christi and I saw our boy this weekend. Can tell album sales aren't what they used to when the headliner thanks you for sticking with him and says its easier to go see the cool new artist. Leah and I love you, darlin. We will totally burn your albums from someone as long as you put them out.

Must REALLY be getting old because I drank a Bud Light and thought I was going to hurl. That must be the worst beer ever. It tastes like swill. I must be getting spoiled for the imports or a CFL.

Went to Wal Mart today. I usually don't go there but I had to buy in addition to tons of groceries, quite a few toiletry items and some Bob the Builder figurines. Thus, worth the trouble of pushing around the rusty, three wheeled carts they have there. Figured I could also get J a cheezeburger. Got all my stuff for a reasonable price and even got the BtB figurines on Clearance. However, when I arrived home, I realized the milk I bought WAS LEAKING. Can't drink that, you know. In fact, the only time I've ever had milk leak was from Wal Mart. Milk Leak has happened to me AT LEAST ten times since J started drinking milk. All from Wal Mart. So tell me, do I have to factor in the price of purchasing a new half gallon of milk into my "grand savings" I get from Wal Mart? What good is getting cheap food if you poison your family with it?

Do any of yall ever eat Pop Secret Butter Flavored Popcorn? It has Spider Man on it? It is so good. Almost as good as movie popcorn.