Let me tell you something about my Dad. For most of my life, he has been a crazy, avid Alabama Football fan. Not paint your chest red and white crazy, but scream so loud at the tv crazy that it used to make my cry when I was a kid. He was soooo emotionally invested in the team. I got married the summer the Dubose secretary scandal broke and it almost ruined my wedding - really that bad. So, its killing me to admit it that I too am overly invested in Alabama football this season. I've done really well over the past 15 years or so since we had a decent team to keep my head where the competition of college football is concerned. I just ignored it. But when Saban got to town and the hope became alive again, I was sucked in. When the rumors were going around about who was going to be our new coach - Saban or Spurrier (sidebar - I LOVE me some Ole' Ball Coach) - I listened to talk radio 24 hours a day. I even considered driving to T-town to be there when Saban's plane arrived. Yes. Me and the drunk woman with the Bear hat on there to greet our new coach.

After last week's game, I have gotten hooked again. Listening to LT and Fitzsimmons (who totally bugs me, btw. I mean, I'm glad you know where Gallette's is and everything. Please stop talking about it now. Do they pay FS a dollar every time he says "Gallette's" on the radio or something?), Finebaum...I'm all over it.

So right now, the second half just started. We're down by a td and some yahoo dropped the opening kick. I had to leave. I can't watch my team go down the tubes when I am so emotionally involved.

But like I said, there's no hope for me...I get it honestly.

At least LSU didn't cover today. Yep. I love me some Ole' Ball Coach.