Had family pics made for the Christmas card. There was ONE that I thought might work. Tried to get the picture I've had in my mind for so long...I think we will have to try that one again. My Mom did an excellent job as photographer. Its hard to get both the kiddies to do what you want them to do.

Forgot to mention that we went to Pinkberry while we were in NYC. The supposedly dessert of the moment that everyone LOVES. It kind of sucked. It tasted like TCBY that had gone sour, yet people were lined up out on the street for it. Almost like Magnolia Bakery except MB actually sells something good. I don't understand.

Just watched Bama's last minute drive down the field to win the game on ESPN U. JPW did so well. I realize that he had some not so great moments in that game too, but you have to admit the boy is good. I watched so many Alabama teams struggle and lose in the 4th quarter because they didn't have a quarterback. JPW's got talent. Thank the Lord we have him.

I feel really bad for Brandon Cox. The 'barn booed him while he was taking the field on Saturday. The boy has an awful disease. He is doing really well to do what he does and probably has to play 10 times as hard as a totally healthy person. Give him a break. He is an inspiration not someone who should be booed. I don't even think we were that hard on our crappy quarterbacks.

I've got tons of pictures that need to be proofed and printed so I can scrap them from NYC. I'm just not in the mood. Do you ever get that way? All I want to do is lay around and watch tv.