J had a dr's appt today for 9:30 am. They called to confirm this week and asked us to come 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork. So, we got there promptly at 9am (after leaving our house at 8am due to traffic and sheer distance from our house) to fill out aforementioned paperwork. We did not receive the paperwork until after 9:30 (our original appointment time). It took MAYBE 10 minutes to fill out the papers. I turned them back in. Guess what time we finally saw the doctor......11:30. A full 2 hours after our scheduled appointment time and 2.5 hours after we got there. Needless to say, I was pissed. It was after 12 when we finally left. After the 7 minutes we spent with the actual doctor, it took us at least 15 minutes to wait in line to check out.

However, on the way home, we went by Chick-fil-a and got nuggets, fries and a 32 oz. tea (brewed - not instant). I longed for a 32 oz. tea in a styrofoam cup the whole time I was in NYC. There's nothing like a to-go tea.

Glad to be back at home, although Wednesday was kind of bad. In pain and exhaustion I don't think I was that fun to be around.

Love to the masses.