My first time to see my favorite reality show this year (I usually have bedtime duty on Mondays for whatever reason). Got to the show a little late but here are my thoughts...

1. I think Cameron Matheson is hot but he looks weird when he dances.
2. Mark Cuban - totally admire him for what he has accomplished but he too makes weird faces when dancing.
3. Kelly Taylor - she' is a good dancer! But I was a little shocked to see her in the interviews. She looks so much older than the Kelly I remember. Don't get me wrong, she looks AWESOME for her age but I guess I expected Dylan's girlfriend to be on there. Her husband was so cute cheering her on. Noticed Kel and her partner were hugging and kissing all over eachother and Kel's hubby (Peter Facinelli) did not seem AT ALL threatened by that. So different from Joey's wife last year.
4. I am glad they got some girl stars that can dance.
5. Mel and Maks's little simultaneous kicking part of their routine last night was awesome. That is hard to do and they did it so well.
6. When I was little I IDOLIZED Marie and Donnie Ozmand. I even had Marie and Donnie dolls. I think they had a variety show I had to watch every week. Now she is on DWTS. How 'bout that.
7. Everyone likes Helio because he dances with cute Julianne. That is the only reason.

Am searching for books to read on the plane to Vegas. All I could find that I liked were craft books. Karly asked, "What's wrong with a fiction book?". May look for a fiction book today.