...so if anyone wants to make a donation, please feel free. I got their new catalog yesterday and I added up the value of all the things I want from the catalog (Frye boots $400, precious shrug $100, and so on) and it will only take $2300 to purchase it all. If I had 2300 friends, they would all have to only give me $1. Maybe I should pound the pavement.

Made our family Christmas card today. I am so ahead of the game. I think I may also be done with what I plan to get everyone this year...almost.

Because I am a complete contest junkie, I am already working on my 2008 HOF entry. Kind of sucks they moved the number of HOFers from 25 to 10. Every one wish me luck.

Got DVR today. The first show I will personally program to record the entire season of: The Office. The next, possibly Grey's Anatomy since the world loves it and I've never seen it.

Fun 90210 fact of the day: In real life, Donna Martin's Mom (Felice), is married to Almonzo from Little House on the Prairie.

I love the Ole' Ball Coach.