You are so used to doing whatever you want whenever you want for however long. Then, you come back to reality and its hard. Its no different when you work at home. You still want to be on vacation, but you are "back to the grind"...even if the grind is wonderful. So, I am pulling myself out of a funk this week - for real.

Also, I am SO TIRED of living in chaos. Our house is constantly a mess...totally say nothing of my car (Prom King's favorite gripe). I am hereby declaring next week "Fall Cleaning Week" for me. The house and the car will all be organized. I want all of you readers out there to ask me about this. Keep me accountable. I just started by cleaning out my laundry room. I have a whole bag of clothes for Goodwill. I will tackle our bedroom closests next, probably. Then I'll move to the scrap/play room. Then the car. Hopefully it will be a new leaf for me and something I can keep up with.

I am also behind on my photo proofing, but I am working on it. I get so frustrated with this crappy computer. I timed took over two minutes to convert one color picture today. I have to bring a book with me to have something to do while I am waiting on the pictures to save. Y'all know I don't have this kind of patience.

Another reason to love Publix. After I got back from NYC, I got a pedicure using some OPI polish that I loved. I couldn't remember the name of the polish...only that it had the word "Purple" in it. So, I looked all over at the beauty stores and spas and could not find it. Today, I happened to notice they were selling some OPI colors at Publix and what would you know, "Wyatt Earp Purple" was one of the colors available. That made me so happy. As if I needed another reason to love Publix.

So one of my fellow HOF HM's is going to be pulled up to HOF status this week. Possibly more than one. Good Luck to the other HMers. I am starting to get my '08 submission together. I need to start doing some more scrapping this week (during cleaning breaks, of course). Alot to catch up on. I finally finished a page yesterday that has been sitting on my mantle for nearly 6 weeks.

John Parker Wilson for The Heisman. If I had to go 2 and 5 for the week, at least the Tide creamed Tennessee. Its been a long time since we've done that.