Ok. I am kind of a dork. I like historical movies. The movie Elizabeth is one of my favorite movies of all time. It came out the same year asShakespeare in Love, you know the one for which Gwyneth Paltrow won her Best Actress Oscar (she totally robbed Cate Blanchett - star of Elizabeth, of Best Actress that year - but I digress). So I was so excited when they made a sequel - Elizabeth The Golden Age. Unfortunately, it sucked. I think my 3 year old could have made a movie with better continuity. Even some of the shots were extremely questionable. I mean, I'm all about the abstract, arty shot, but some of them seemed like a blind person was doing the filming. Geoffrey Rush's character, Francis Walsingham, one of the most interesting characters from the first movie had the dimension of a piece of tissue. The "romantic interest" Clive Owens' Sir Walter Raleigh, was such a lightweight and apparently only had one emotion. The most interesting character was Bess, the Queen's #1 Handmaiden. It wasn't the performance that was interesting but because it was played by Abbie Cornish who broke up Reese and Ryan's marriage. I only found her interesting after the movie when the credits rolled and I realized that's who it was. I thought for a while it was just a plumper version of Scarlett Johanssen. Mary Queen of Scots - a terribly interesting character in history - was reduced to a few scenes of fairly little consequence.

So anyway, all around a disappointment.

Still waiting to see the resolution of the HOF stuff. Interesting to watch.

Ms. Kathy - I gave Karly the Twilight books. I hope you love them!

Started reading The Devil in the Junior League last night. I think I am going to like it.