not much to say really. here's a short list....
- brokenhearted about Rick Burgess's son. have cried about it. am amazed at the faith he has shown through this ordeal.
-doing the "read the Bible in a year" plan with church has brought up some questions. like, were people required to be vegetarians between Eden and the Flood? and, boy there was alot of polygamy early on. that one was a little unsettling.
- i bitched about the unseasonable heat in the fall and now that it is really cold, I realized I should have kept my mouth shut and embraced the global warming.
- was somewhere (I forget where) and made a joke about global warming. I was being tounge in cheek about its existence and whomever I was speaking to didn't get that and thought I was an algore believing global warming enthusiast. Apparently, they believe in GW and said, "How can anyone not believe that is true?". It was like 32 degrees outside at the time. I had no idea there were people in our state that actually thought GW was true. I stand corrected.
-i can't wait to go back to Vegas (sorry, Mom. the hotel is really nice, the spa is fabulous and its right accross the street from the best mall in the universe. I'm not doing anything illicit I promise.)