Sorry I haven't blogged in a week. Not much exciting going on.

Just working on some scrappy stuff...speaking of which I got some cool glitter letters and metal flowers at the dollar spot at Target today.

Bought a bag off eBay yesterday. I joined the Purse Forum to get advice and authentication help from the Purse Forum gals before I purchased. I thought I was serious about purses. I don't even scratch the surface compared to those girls. I could spend WAY too much time there. At least I know I'm not alone in my obsession.

Just to see how many scrappy folks are out there as Bubblegum blog lurkers, if you guess the COLOR of the new bag I bought I'll send you a scrappy prize. There's also another scrappy prize up for grabs if you guess WHAT KIND of bag I purchased. Karly knows and the Prom King no cheating!!! I have alot of cute Junkitz stuff I'm going to unload.

Looking forward to seeing if there are any guesses...