I will follow along in the footsteps of other great bloggers to review the past year...
- Had my beautiful daughter.
- Struggled with having 2 kids
- Got an HM in CK HOF
- Switched denominations
- Went to NYC and Vegas and had a super fabulous time
- Read very few books
- Didn't sleep much
- Got published in CK, MM and ST.
- Got other stuff picked up by CK, MM and BHG
- Junkitz went OOB
- Lost like 40 lbs!!! (Granted, that was because I was pregnant at the beginning of this year)
- Bought alot of tank tops
- Stopped lusting after that Prada bag after I read Deluxe (I think that was the name)
- Took a class at Samford, but just stopped going when it got to be too much. (very unlike me)

I make no resolutions for 2008. Why? Because I kind of think making resolutions are dumb. If you want to do something or change something about yourself, just do it. I always thought it was stupid when I'd hear people say, "I'm going on a diet on Monday so I am going to eat alot of desserts this weekend!". If you really want to lose weight, why are you going to make it harder on yourself by putting on MORE weight right before your diet. When you decide to do something, start IMMEDIATELY. Thus, when I want to do something this year, I will just do it. I won't wait for a Monday or the first day of the next month or any of that crap.

Here are some things I hope this year will hold:
- Maintenance of aforementioned weight loss.
- HOF (did I say that out loud?)
- a girls trip to the beach for a long weekend
- revamp of the wardrobe
- more publications
- getting involved at church
- finding the lipstick/gloss I have been looking for during the past year.
- getting all the rooms in my house painted and more decorating

Happy New Year to all of you!!!