I feel like I am getting some pushback from my NSBR readers. I think they feel a bit alienated with all my craft talk. If so, this random, rambling post is for you.

Am I alone in thinking that Brooke White on American Idol looks somewhat older than 24? I predict that will be this year's scandal....that Brooke is actually 32.

For those of you that I haven't told, Jason threw up on my head early Monday morning. In my ear. It was gross. Just when I thought I had escaped the virus, it hit me full force on Tuesday. I was wishing for death.

Quick Poll - How do you all feel about wedge espadrilles as my summer/spring go to shoe? In a related story, I may actually have to retire my beloved Chaco flip flops. Yes, I know. But they are really old.

I am having a jeans party on April 11th!!! You, my faithful blog readers will be getting an evite soon. If for whatever reason I miss you, just email me and let me know! You can't beat designer Jeans at up to 40% off. Also, and Karly this will excite you, they will be having William Rast!!!