Its March Beautification time again!

***for those of you that don't know what March Beautification is, it is a phrase coined by Karly
to describe the freshening up of one's looks once March arrives. Goodbye Winter Doldrums,
Hello spring highlights, pedicures and new spring clothes.;*****

This week I have:
- purchased some spring/summer every day shoes (NOT flip flops!)
- Bought a pink dress at JCrew.
- Gotten my hair done (brighter highlights and Melissa curled my hair. curls stayed all day)

Thus MB is well underway.

I was going to post pictures of shoes, dress and hair but am way too lazy to do that.

Totally upset about the Auburn student shot on campus this week. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

Looking forward to Leah F. Jackson's birthday extravaganza and celebration tomorrow. Happy Birthday LJE!!!