The jeans party was great. Everyone seemed to have a good time and many peeps walked out with cute pairs of jeans. It took me most of the weekend to clean up my house afterwards. Not because there was such a bad mess, but because I just didn't know where to begin! I got some cute William Rast. They tend to grow more than I thought they would. Guess I just need to wash and dry them a few hundred more times.

No one ate alot of food (except for the spinach dip) and it turns out 4 big bottles of wine was just the right amount : ) Thanks so much to Leah for the decor advice and Karly for the party tunes (and the backup wine and charms).

Kind of sick of the Farrah hair. After 3 weeks straight, I started to feel like I was going to the prom. Thus, straight hair has returned. I will still Farrah from time to time, but no time soon.

Speaking of prom, I was at a local garden on Saturday and saw a few prom kiddos there. Wow. They have really stepped it up a notch. One couple we saw kind of reminded me of Kim Kardashian and one of her cheezy boyfriends. The guy was wearing an off white suit with a University of Miami hat (which was apparently part of the ensemble) and the girl was wearing a gaudy print purple/cream/green/gold dress. She looked exactly like Kim Kardashian. Maybe she was a big fan of Two-a-Days and she came as cheezeboy's date. I should have taken her picture so I could sell it to TMZ.

The event is this week and I am so ready for it to be here. I have no idea how its going to go but I am looking forward to going : ) I will miss the fam, though.

I spent part of the day doing one of my favorite things in the world...wrapping presents. Just one present. Its a suprize for someone. Want a peek?

I just love a big tulle bow : ) They make me happy. OH, and still on the butterfly kick.

Let me leave you with just one more picture...I finished another shirt last week. The orange things are swirls (just in case you can't really tell).