So I finally finished my butterfly tank top I did the reverse applique on. Now, the Target tank top I bought shrunk a little more than I thought it would, but I still think its ok. I really was shocked when Leah and Karly said they thought it looked cool on Friday (before it was actually finished). I think they were being sincere too. I have plans for some more. Unf., I kind of don't have the time.
Along the crafty lines, I am making some throw pillows for my couch tomorrow...or sometime this week. Mom came out today and gave me a bobbin refresher and a pillow making lesson. Lets see if I can do it all by myself. I found some fabric that ties in the new green vases I bought for the mantel in with the rest of the room. Its perfect. We've also decided to paint our dining room green. I am pretty excited that we will be getting rid of the puke purple color that is currently in there.
Jeans party is Friday Night!!!! So looking forward to it : )
Pollen is still kicking my butt. I contstantly look like I have been crying (red and puffy eyes, runny mascara, runny nose). It will all be worth it when the scent of gardenias is in the air in a month or so.
Looking forward to the Event next week too. Pretty excited about the flight ($75 round trip) too. I HATE long drives.
Love to the masses.