I saw SATC last night...I cried...I laughed...I love Charlotte. The best part was when Charlotte told Big she cursed the day he was born. LOVED that part. Don't get me started on the clothes. I sooooo would love to be able to dress like that! But hey, WOW....Jennifer Hudson - NOT a good actress. I mean, she is Sofia Coppola bad. Denise Richards bad. Very Very Very bad. Why was she even in the movie?

Also, from watching the second ep. of Gossip Girl...Chase Crawford is definately cute enough to play Nate. I think I just like him better when he is talking. He looks skeevy in all those US Weekly pictures.

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Also, my little friend Britney A. made this PRECIOUS baby album for a friend of hers. Kacy - you are totally getting one of these when Baby Boy Kerbl is born.