Our society is obsessed with stuff. Junk. Crap. We are obsessed with having more stuff...more clothes, more scrapbook supplies, more house, a new car, etc. etc. etc. We think having these things will make us happy (or increase our happiness). The funny thing is, these things don't make us happy. I remember - vividly - a point in my life that I realized I could have just about any material thing I wanted (within reason) and I realized having it would not make me happy. I mean, even today, as much as I think about the JCrew Shoe of the Month club, it wouldn't make me happy...well, I'd be happy for the first few hours after the monthly shoes arrive, but I digress.

In fact, sometimes people get into trouble wanting stuff and obtaining stuff they shouldn't have, don't need or can't pay for. This, ironically, leads to unhappiness.

So, why do we still covet what we don't need? I was talking to a lady at VBS today about a "closet audit" she had done a while back. She said she got rid of 5 hanging bags full (she used the hanging bag like a garbage bag and tied up both ends) of clothes. She didn't buy any more to replace them. I said, "If I did that, I would have no clothes!" She said, "Actually, you will...they'll just be the ones you need." That made so much sense to me.

What if we kept our lives like an audited closet? What if we did away with the superfluous stuff and kept the basics. The essentials. The needs. Would we be happier?

I guess to find out, I'd first have to identify what is essential. That is for another post.