Last week, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with my friend Karly. Unfortunately, the food itself was inedible. Now, just let me tell you, I have low low LOW food standards. I will eat almost anything and am not at all picky. We ate at Cantina, which recently opened near our houses. Karl and I should have known things were going to turn out poorly when they did not have "Normal" tea. They had some kind of spicy fancy tea. Granted, it was brewed, but this is the south...just give us some Lipton, or Tetley and be done with it. When I ordered my meal, I thought I was playing it safe ordering a Cuban Pork Sandwich. I imagined spicy, pulled, roasted pork on a pressed sandwich. What I got was a slab of that ham your Maw Maw used to make for breakfast when you were little (you know with the hole in the middle where the bone was) in an iron skillet. However, Maw Maw's ham was better (Maw Maw's was pink and not beige - as was the ham at Cantina). Add some nasty mayonnaise, some hard wavy bread and you have my sandwich. At least it came with chips. I could not force myself to eat the sandwich and ate just the chips. When I was done, some man that worked there came and grabbed my basket and without looking at me or even asking if I was done, unceremoniously dumped my basket in a nearby trash can and walked off. Low marks on service with that move. Karly said her meal was ok. At least it was edible. Luckily, Cantina is located right around the corner from Edgar's Bakery. Karl and I went and got cupcakes to make up for our lackluster meal. I kept eyeing the food at Edgar's wishing we had eaten there. They also have real tea at Edgar's, fyi.

On to better stuff...

I am not a "cool" music person. I hardly ever branch out into new music. However, one Sunday afternoon about a month ago, I was listening to Reg's coffee house and I heard the greatest song ever. A band called The Watson Twins has done a slow, mellow cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven". When I first heard it, it was not available on iTunes. Today, I checked and it was there! So, I downloaded it. If anyone knows how to make iTunes repeat a song over and over and over, please leave a comment and teach me. I love this song!!! I also really like the Cure's version, but I like this one much better.

Also, thanks to crappy windows vista and their latest system update, I can no longer send email from my home email. I can receive but not send. So, if anyone knows how to fix this let me know. Prom King and I have both tried (uninstalling Norton, uninstalling the update) to no avail.

Have a great week!