Thanks to the out of town folks (Melita and Diana) that commented on my last post! I am glad to have you here.

Also, I wanted to point out a link I have added over on the left. PK is an avid golfer. He and his friends cannot just go and play 18 holes and call it a day. Twice a year they take an elaborate trip (once to Kiva Dunes and once somewhere else in the Northern Hemisphere) and play a Ryder Cup format tournament. The one played in the fall at Kiva Dunes is known as the Kiva Cup. The tourneys may only take place twice a year, but the trash talk has no season. Anyhoo, they have set up a blog about their tourney. The latest entry features an interview with PK so y'all go and check it out.

Have a happy Forth of July...and feel free to vote for me and Gretchen this week in the Ultimate Summer Challenge : D