Thank you so much to all of my fervent voters out there.  Although, in spite of our best efforts, I got waxed in the finals of the BHG Ultimate Summer Challenge.  However, I feel it was an honor just to be in the finals in the first place, so I still count it in the win column.  

Went to CNC with some of my scrappy girl friends this weekend and had a great time.  As I was telling people I work with about it Belinda said, "So did you like stay up til 2am scrapbooking and stuff?" (in a surely, you didn't voice) I replied, "Nope, I stayed up until 4am".  She was floored that I would pick scrapping over sleeping.  I totally did and I unapoligetically loved it.  

Having childcare troubles.   Thought they would all be solved...and i was sooo sure they would be...alas, it was not to be.  I am in the process of freaking out now.

Loving me some fall.

Found out Amos Lee is coming to town in a few weeks.  The Prom King and I have got our tickets and are ready to go!  I cannot wait.  We're going with our friends who introduced us to Amos Lee in the first place, Amanda and Lee.  Its on a Monday night, but we don't care.  I saw a review of one of his shows elsewhere and they said it was wonderful : )  Yipppeee!!!!

thats all I got.