Possibly my favorite thing about going back to work is the need for new clothes and shoes.  As a sahm, its hard to justify much beyond jeans and tee shirts (because lets face it, its a messy job).  Now that I need to look presentable, I get to buy dry clean only items, nice pants and nice shoes.  I haven't purchased a pair of closed toe shoes that weren't boots since 2004 (possibly 2003).  However, my scuffed up summer sandals just aren't cutting it at work these days.  Its too hot for boots, but really too late in the season for sandals.  So last nite, the Tiny P and I went to Belk to get some new shoes.  She really likes shoes so I figured she'd be ok...and she was, thanks to the mints I had in my purse.  I tried on several pairs (the strap accross the top is HUGE this season apparently) and finally decided on these.   That's where the Magic Sale comes in.  One thing I loved about Parisian was that you could go in for something random you  needed and low and behold, its magically on sale and you get it for like 50% off.  You were going to buy it regardless, but it was magically on sale and that was just a nice bonus.   They were 25% off with an additional $10 off.  So, I got them for a very reasonable price (cheaper than online, btw).  So go to Belk if you get a chance this weekend.  They are running some great deals on shoes.