Lip gloss is dangerous I tell you!  While packing to go home Sunday (I was at the beach), I stopped to watch a feature on the Today Show.  My hands were full of stuff I was gathering to take downstairs and pack.  As I was watching, my nose had a little itch.  I reached over to scratch my nose completely forgetting my hands were full of various crap and I jammed the pointy end of my L'oreal Color Juice lip gloss into my left eye.  Ow!  I dropped all my stuff and grabbed my eye.  It really really hurt, but I just figured it would get better as the day went on.  

Not so much.  I woke up Monday morning wishing someone could turn down the sun.  I was in so much pain and couldn't really see so well.  I called PK's eye doctor (since I have excellent eye sight and have no need for an eye doctor myself) and begged for an early appointment.  Said appointment was granted and I headed down there when the opened.  Now, driving was an issue since no one had the power to actually turn the sun down, thus I had even less business being behind the wheel of a car than usual.  I can't believe I actually made it to the drs office in one piece.  Apparently, I had scratched my cornea.  The dr. discussed giving me a patch.  I begged to go the no patch route because I knew how much fun the PK and my coworkers would make of me.  They gave me a bandage contact (which helped soooo much), some antibiotics, dilated my eye (to keep it still?)  and sent me on my merry way.  

Sidebar:  I am really freaked out by anything touching my eye.  This whole experience has been doubly hard because whenever something does mess with my eye, it makes me nauseated.

On the way to work, I called PK who's second question (after "What did the Dr. say?") was, "So, did you get a patch?".  He was disappointed he could not call me "Patches".   I then called my coworkers to tell them what was going on to which they replied, "Did you get a patch?".  See, I was so right about not wanting the patch!!

I get to work and continue to wear my sunglasses indoors.  This got a lot of strange looks, like maybe people thought I was an alcoholic that was just coming off a Sunday night bender.  I also requested that we turn off the lights in the conference room in which we were working.  This allowed me to take off my glasses, but compelled EVERY SINGLE PERSON that walked by our conference room to drop in and give the witty, "Y'all working in the dark in here?".  At which point I'd explain...dilated eye, lip gloss, cornea, blah, blah, blah.  To which they would consistently reply, "Lip Gloss?".  Towards the end of the day, Maleah just started telling people we were going green and trying to save energy.  I realized I just should have told people I got poked in the eye with an ice pick during a bar fight at the beach.  Apparently, the lip gloss portion of my story made for a few nice chuckles in the PMO (big, fancy executive meeting about our project).  I'm sure that went a long way in convincing the top brass of my competence, not to mention impressing the consultant that thinks I have the IQ of a grape.

Yesterday, I went back to the dr. to have my contact removed.  I got to bring the kids too!  Great!  At one point, while the dr. was looking in my eye, J started raising and lowering the chair in which I was sitting.  Nice.  The dr. was a fairly good sport about it (he has kids too) and after the agonizing 20 minutes it took for them to get the bandage lens out, we left.

Today, I think I'm much better.  I still have to go back AGAIN to check on the healing.  Once its all said and done, I will have spent over $100 for ramming the pointy end of my lip gloss into my eye.  Good times.

On a lighter note, I spent a fabulous weekend with Karly and Leah at the beach this weekend.  Granted, we went to bed early and discussed various digestion issues at length during the trip, but an excellent time none the less.  We came to the conclusion that we act like 85 year olds because we have young children that stifle our inner party animals.  When given the time to get crazy, we'd rather take sleep, thank you very much.  When the kids are grown and out of the house, we too can stay out late, party like its 1994 and live up to our crazy reputations.